Perfect Dealership is an automotive management book written by Max Zanan, an industry leader with years of proven success. Max is also the founder and president of two automotive consulting firms, Total Dealer Compliance and IDDS Group. He regualry presents to State Dealer Associations, NADA University, Complaince Summit, and other industry events.

If you’ve read the book, and you’re looking for more help and advice in growing your dealership and equipping your team for the future of auto sales, Max can help.


Everyone knows that margins on new car sales are continually getting slimmer, and that the F&I department is often the true profit center of a dealership. However, most F&I professionals are self-taught and many F&I departments are missing opportunities. Max and his team at IDDS Group have years of experience helping dealers refine and improve F&I offerings leading to both more profit and better customer experience.


The sales department is the engine of most dealerships. However, many dealers don’t invest enough in employee training, motivation, and product knowledge. Furthermore, many sales leaders don’t have effective management practices in place to run cohesive sales teams and deliver a winning end-to-end customer experience. Max and his team deliver more than just a pep talk: they create comprehensive sales systems that impact growth for years to come.


Your service and parts department should be a major profit center for your dealership. Like your F&I department, a fully optimized service and parts department is key to profitability. Max and his team will work with you to develop and implement customer friendly processes, effective marketing and merchandising campaigns, and other critical optimizations to improve sales and margins in your service and parts department. These efforts will not only improve service retention but will also help to generate additional new and used car sales.


As the president of Total Dealer Compliance, Max has a truly world-class understanding of today’s automotive compliance landscape. Most dealerships have very few compliance processes in place, and many are vulnerable to massive fines and penalties. If your dealership doesn’t have a serious compliance strategy, you’re already at risk. Working with Max will help you develop a robust and comprehensive compliance strategy and protect your dealership.


Developing human capital isvital to long-term success in the automotive industry. Too many dealerships today suffer from high turnover, low employee satisfaction, and poor morale. Max’s consulting services focus arounddeveloping employees for serious automotive careers, creating loyalty, and fostering teamwork that leads to performance improvements in all departments.


The internet has had a profound impact on all industries, and automotive retail is no exception. Many managers today still have their heads in the sand, unwilling to embrace the massive changes that are just around the corner. Max will help your dealership adopt immediate IT and digital marketing strategies to drive growth, including SEO, email marketing, CRM integration, and more. Beyond the tactics, Max and team will guide your dealership towards success in a world where many auto sales will be made online within the next 5 years.

Is your dealership ready to compete with the Amazon of car sales? Do you have a Compliance Program that can stand up to federal regulators? Does your management team have a Winning strategy for HR, F&I, and BDC? If not, you need a gameplan, fast. Buy the perfect dealership book or contact Max Zanan for a FREE consultation today.