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New Book on Improving Car Dealerships Coming Soon

A new book by Mark Zanan will discuss how car dealerships can improve and survive the digital age.

New York, NY- “Perfect Dealership: Surviving the Digital Disruption” by Max Zanan, will soon be available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback. The book, the first of its kind, will discuss the shift in consumer shopping trends in the automotive industry, how to survive the digital disruption, and give step by step advice on how to run a dealership.

Author Max Zanan has noticed that over the years the online shopping world has not only boomed but also that it’s become incredibly transparent for consumers.  “There is total transparency when you shop online and it is only natural and logical for consumers to expect this level of transparency when shopping for a car.”

Max also notes that many of today’s buyers are not happy with the current selling process taking place in dealerships and that digital disruptors are a big threat to dealerships. The digital disruptors that he refers to are companies that sell cars online, and he expressed that “if dealerships do not make the change they may be in danger of becoming history.”

“There are digital disruptors out there trying to capitalize on consumer dissatisfaction. I want to help readers learn how to combat not only these digital disruptors but also evolve and improve their own dealerships.” –Max Zanan, Author

The book will examine each department of a car dealership including sales, human resources, IT, and service.  Max has firsthand experience in lots of these areas. From sales to CEO, he’s had to adapt and learn all the ins and outs of a dealership and how to keep it running smoothly. “Just like a car, dealerships are made up of lots of moving parts,” he says. “If one part isn’t working the way it needs to, the whole car can fall apart. It takes a team to keep the system working.”

In this long-overdue book, Max has developed a unique and solid strategy for dealerships and wants to help them achieve success. “Dealerships have to stay competitive if they want to stand a chance in today’s world,” says Max. “With the right focus, mindset, and guidance, the automotive industry can survive and flourish in the digital age.”