How To Set-Up A Great F&I Department

In today’s competitive auto retail landscape, the profit margin on new cars is becoming increasingly low. It is nearly impossible today to run a profitable auto dealership based only the sale of new cars themselves. Dealerships must create new streams of profit elsewhere, and the F&I department is one of the most effective paths to improving dealership profitability.

The average auto salesman and manager is poorly informed about today’s finance and insurance products and how they can benefit both customers and dealerships. If you and your team don’t deeply understand the modern F&I landscape, you’re leaving money on the table.

In this course, Max Zanan offers you a complete roadmap to starting and operating a world-class F&I department for your dealership. This course covers topics including,

• Hiring and managing an F&I team

• Setting profit targets and measuring success

• Creating effective compensation plans for your team

• Selecting the best F&I vendors and products

• Strategies to increase F&I product sales

• Reinsurance and income development solutions

• And much more!

Perfect Dealership courses are designed to help you build a dealership that’s positioned for long-term success. If you’ve read the book, you know the challenges facing the industry. The rise of online auto buying, increased competition, lower margins, more demanding customers, and other forces are converging to make auto retail a tougher industry than ever before.

Automotive professionals must adapt or face obsolescence. This course is designed for you, the dealership owner, manager, or finance professional. If you want to have a career in auto sales 10 years from now, you must start preparing today. This unique course is the only training material of it’s kind packed with real-world, tactical, tangible strategies for building a profitable F&I department. Buy the course today and get started building a more successful car dealership.