How To Set-Up Compliance Program In F&I Department

The automotive industry is facing compliance pressure like never before. State and federal regulators, as well as consumers, demand auto dealerships be transparent and compliant especially in the sales and management of financial and insurance products. Consumers and authorities are more skeptical than ever of financial products, and dealerships must be proactive in meeting compliance standards, or else they risk potentially crippling fines and penalties.

If you’re an auto dealer owner or executive, ask yourself, does my F&I department comply with all federal and state regulations? Are you sure? If you have not developed an active compliance strategy, covering topics like Regulation Z, the ECOA, the Red Flags Rule, and more, then your dealership is at risk.

In this course, automotive compliance expert Max Zanan offers a complete and detailed strategy to ensure your F&I department is compliant and successful. This is a comprehensive and unique course designed for dealership owners, managers, and finance professionals. Topics covered include:

• How to create a culture of compliance in your dealership

• How to train a compliance officer

• What state and federal regulators are looking for - and how to stay ahead of them

• All critical regulations that your F&I department must comply with

• Common compliance risks and mistakes in F&I departments

• A complete overview of components needed for a successful compliance program

• How compliance helps customer service and perception

• And much more!

The days of the “cowboy” dealership that operated without rules are over. Today’s automotive managers must accept the reality of working within a regulated industry and must plan business processes that create success within the regulatory landscape.

The automotive industry is changing fast. Compliance is just one of many forces that is pushing dealerships to modernize. This course is a unique, practical, and proven guide to implementing a real compliance program for your dealership. There is no other course like this on the market today. If you are a dealership owner or manager, you need to start learning the language of compliance, or else you may find the auto industry passes you by. Buy the book and start planning the future of your dealership today.