The automotive industry has little professional training and few educational standards. Many dealership employees have no college education, many dealerships are managed without formal procedures, and many sales are lost due to inefficient and ineffective business practices.
Many dealership owners and managers are operating on pure gut instinct, with little formal gameplan and limited knowledge on technical topics like compliance, digital strategy, human resources, and more.

This haphazard approach to dealership management isn’t good enough anymore. Margins are getting thinner and the industry is getting more competitive and more regulated. For your dealership to survive and thrive in the modern world, you need a serious strategy. This book is your starting point.


Perfect Dealership offers a complete guide through the most important areas of automotive management and success. The book offers a comprehensive review of key dealership departments and winning management strategies for each.


When’s the last time you read a book on how to improve your car dealership? If you’re like most owners and managers, the answer is probably “never.” There isn’t much educational material available for automotive executives, and most managers today have little formal training. This book will make you a better manager.

● Understand how to improve employee performance and job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and limit liability with effective HR policies.

● Build a sales strategy for the modern market. The sales department is the cornerstone of most dealerships, but has your strategy adapted to a 2018 landscape? Learn modern strategies for digital marketing, CRM usage, reputation management, and more.

● Protect your dealership from compliance disasters. Every year, hundreds of dealers are hit with massive fines, yet everyone still thinks it “won’t happen to them.” If you haven't implemented a compliance strategy, you’re vulnerable.

● Develop F&I strategies to unlock the true profit center of your dealership. Choose the right F&I vendor, plan the right policies, and avoid costly compliance mistakes. F&I is complex field with massive profit potential for savvy dealers with clear strategies.

● And much more!

Buy the book today to start learning and start growing your business. Today’s auto industry is changing: the dinosaurs of the past are dying, and a new breed of savvy modern managers is emerging. Perfect Dealership is your first step towards the automotive industry of tomorrow.