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“Perfect Dealership is the book the auto industry needs. With every chapter, Max outlines a modern and structured view of how to run and grow a profitable, ethical, and future-facing dealership. In an industry with little formal education and few true standards, Perfect Dealership is a handbook for effective automotive management across all levels and departments. Every dealership owner and manager needs a copy.”

- Peter Zorzy - Director of Operations - Atlantic Auto Group

“I’ve been working with Max for years, and our dealership has benefitted enormously from his guidance and strategies. The truth that many dealers don’t want to hear is that the industry is changing fast and dealerships need to adapt or die. The processes and concepts outlined in Perfect Dealership are not just important, but frankly are a necessity to future growth and success in an industry that’s getting more competitive by the day.”

- Doug Wells - General Manager - Ray Catena Mercedes Benz

“Perfect Dealership isn’t just a book: it’s a manual that should be considered required reading for dealership owners and executives. After 20 years in this industry I can tell you honestly that most retail managers don’t understand hard concepts like HR, IT, and compliance they way they should. Car dealerships can’t expect to just fake it anymore. Real training and professional standards are needed and Perfect Dealership is the book to get us there”

- John Lutman - National Sales Director - IAS